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Ordering Custom Pins In Budget-Friendly Ways

We've all seen custom pins in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are used across sports from local squads to global companies, providing an eye-catching way of promoting and...

How Big Are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are one of the oldest and most nostalgic shows of camaraderie in history. And with a reputation that big, you’d think they have a size to...

Use Custom Logo Pins For Marketing

Companies, brands, businesses, and organizations are always looking for ways to merchandise and market themselves. While there is a wide range of ways to do so, providing something memorable and...

Custom Lapel Pins

3 Things Every Artist Should Know About Pins

If you follow any of your favorite independent creators, it’s very likely they’ve embraced pins as part of their merchandising repertoire. There’s a good reason! Custom pins are easy to design, inexpensive to produce, and can be sold for consistent profit while boosting your art’s presence in the world!

How To Wear Pins and Brooches

Wearing a pin or brooch can elevate a ho-hum blazer, shirt, or scarf into an elegant and highly-personalized piece of clothing. Deciding how to wear your pin or brooch depends...

Where Should Women Wear a Lapel Pin?

A women’s lapel pin tastefully accentuates an outfit when worn properly. One of the most common questions about lapel pins is how to wear one in the first...

Which Lapel Should I Wear a Pin On?

Adding a lapel pin to your suit jacket is an easy way to add tasteful flair to your outfit. Whether you choose a stick pin, butterfly clasp, or a pin...

Lapel Pin Materials and Construction

Iron: Iron is prized for its strength, durability, and affordability. While not as lustrous as precious metals such as gold, it is easy to pain, making it highly versatile. Aluminum...

How to Wear your Lapel Pin

Lapel pins have become a key component of any gentleman’s wardrobe over the last several years, offering subtle but noticeable flair to one’s outfit. While the...

What is a Lapel Pin?

From things like family flags to terribly designed Disney vacation T-Shirts, every clan of any kind looks for some kind of physical representation of their companionship. And lapel pins are a GREAT way to do that. 

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