How Big Are Challenge Coins?

- May 22, 2020
How Big Are Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins are one of the oldest and most nostalgic shows of camaraderie in history. And with a reputation that big, you’d think they have a size to match. But no such luck. Challenge coins are exactly that: coins. However, there are many variations within the title of challenge coin and their sizes.

The most average challenge coin will fall at about 1.75 inches in diameter - roughly the diameter of a golf ball. However, some of the larger ones can extend to about 2 inches in diameter! Smaller ones can be around 1-1.5 inches in diameter, although ones that small are usually more difficult to find on the market.

In terms of thickness, challenge coins can vary within a range of about 1/12 to ⅛ inch thick, but the most standard ones fall at the regular 1/10 of an inch thick. These of course can vary depending on personal preference, but most people stick with the 1/10 of an inch thickness to preserve the natural feel of a challenge coin. 

In terms of shape, challenge coins were initially all circular, but have since been parodied and have taken on a variety of shapes. They now can take the shape of pentagons, arrowheads, shields, planes, or any specific, oddly shaped logo you want to sport!

The challenge coin is a great reminder of patriotism and what we search for within friendships: camaraderie. And as such, it’s important to show you care by making your challenge coin’s size matches the message you’re trying to get across.