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Custom trading pins have a rich tradition dating back more than a century to the early modern Olympic Games. What started among athletes at the games has grown to include millions of others around the world, especially in youth sports. Since Little League Baseball introduced its first official pins in 1983, pin trading has exploded across the youth sports world, and now includes softball, soccer, swimming, ice skating, football, hockey and many more.

Many tournaments today feature pin trading ceremonies where competitors gather to get to know each other and trade pins. For many, this is a real highlight of the big game. Even academic competitions such as Destination Imagination and Odyssey of the Mind have strong trading pin communities. Young competitors aren’t the only ones getting in on the act. Social organizations such as Lions Club International have active pin trading functions as well. The popularity of trading pins continues to grow worldwide.

Our talented graphic designers will help you create a pin design that not only looks great, but has plenty of trading power as well. Typically, pins trade at a ratio of one-to-one. But if your pin is more desirable, you might receive two or more pins from another team in trade for it. We can help you choose the right pin design, size and options to make your team’s trading pins the one everyone else at the ball field, arena or rink will want to trade for.

Options are a proven way to boost the trading power of your pins. We feature a great selection of add-ons, including glitter enamel, spinners, danglers, sliders bobble heads and even LED lights to make your team’s pins stand out, no matter what your design or budget. If you want the best pins at the best prices, with the best customer service in the business, you can count on Lapel Pin Superstore!

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