What is a Lapel Pin?

- Jan 10, 2020
What is a Lapel Pin?

Every family, team, or group of people have some kind of identifier that makes them distinct and individual. It can be something as simple as a last name, a silly joke or moniker, or something more visual like a crest or logo. Well, for all groups, there is one thing in common: they all look for ways to display this. From things like family flags to terribly designed Disney vacation T-Shirts, every clan of any kind looks for some kind of physical representation of their companionship. 


And lapel pins are a GREAT way to do that. 


The lapel pin was started as early as Ancient Rome, and has been used for generations as a signifier of unity (for more on the history, click here). The lapel pin started as a small yet meaningful indicator of membership to some group, and was popularized by its simplicity and functionality. Since the lapel pin is traditionally word in accompaniment with a suit (hence the name lapel), it has become an icon of sophistication and class. In addition, it’s mass use in the armed forces gave the lapel pin a connotation of pride and nostalgia - signifying a great accomplishment. 


Lapel pins are a great way to not only recognize membership to a group, but to reward outstanding achievements. Think of the Girl Scouts - Scouts will work for years with the sole intention of collecting all of the badges they need. That drive to succeed for a badge is a universal drive, one that most people will make to receive some kind of moniker of congratulations. So, lapel pins are a great way to engage people into achieving goals or going above and beyond for the good of the group. 


And another thing about lapel pins are that they are GREAT for businesses! By including lapel pins in an advertising campaign, you’re giving your prospective clients the feeling that they too can be part of the family that you’ve developed. This feeling is a great one to start your clients off with! They are simple to pass out or use as an incentive for customers to continue doing business, all without the logistical nightmares that some freebies like shirts and hats will cause.


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