3D & Die Struck Lapel Pins: What's The Difference

Jesse Daugherty - May 26, 2020
3D & Die Struck Lapel Pins: What's The Difference

Often we are asked to explain the differences in lapel pin types. The two most common selections are 3D lapel pins and Die Struck lapel pins. The differences are vast; however, certain designs do not require a 3D design. The main determining factor between the two depends on the designs. 

First, let's learn more about a normal die struck or soft enamel pin. This design has raised and lowered metal areas. This look allows for the recessed or lowered metal areas to appear darker, creating an eye-catching contrast to the design. On your typical die struck pin, you will find two options, raised or recessed metal. 

Now let's take a closer look at 3D lapel pin designs. 3D designs offer a bit more detail while providing a much better contrast with the metal. The contrast comes from the raised and lowered sections of metal. However, there is much more definition in the design and the color contrast. The lowered metal areas are much darker, while the raised areas are cleaner and more defined. It's the curved and raised areas of the 3D design that sets it apart. The 3D design features gradual and rounded raised metal portions. Die Struck designs find all of the raised metal at the same height. 

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