Which Lapel Pin is Right For You?

Which Lapel Pin is Right For You?

Lapel pins started as a stylish way to accessorize an outfit. Back in the 1600s, the boutonniere was worn as a lapel adornment. It essentially was the first version of...

Lapel pins started as a stylish way to accessorize an outfit. Back in the 1600s, the boutonniere was worn as a lapel adornment. It essentially was the first version of a lapel pin. A boutonniere is a lapel flower, and the word is French for buttonhole, which is where the flower goes. The accessory was worn at formal events such as weddings, worn to ward off evil. 

Then in the 1700s, the boutonniere became a popular accessory across Europe. The French and British were making trends with frock coat, breeches, and boots, and the boutonniere caught on. The 1800s marked a high point for the boutonniere, which was a must for men's fashion at the time. 

Then in the 1900s, the lapel pin was born, joining men's style and offered for all occasions. These days you will find lapel pins of all sorts. 

What is the right lapel pin for you? First, let's talk about the basics. Lapel pins are meant to be worn on your left lapel. They can serve as a symbolic gesture or a political statement. A lapel pin can also show membership to an organization, or even loyalty to a particular sports team. These pins can be part of a tradition, or worn recognition or honor. 

Now, where to wear your lapel pin. There is often a buttonhole on the left lapel made especially for pins and boutonnieres. For the boutonniere, you stick the stem through the hole, while a fabric loop inside the lapel holds the stem down. Stickpin lapel pins are attached in the same manner. For other lapel pins, stick the pin in the hole and secure the back with a fastener. 

How you wear your lapel pin depends on the event. Formal and traditional events such as weddings call for a boutonniere, though they are acceptable for social events with a formal nod. For work, stick to something more subtle, go small and metal. 

For a military event, be sure to follow traditional etiquette. Medals and pins should be worn on the left lapel while a brooch or bar is used to hold them in place. Keep them horizontal and in only one row. 

When it comes to the type of lapel pin to choose, it's all about color, occasion, and preference. The basic types of lapel pins include the boutonniere, the floral lapel pin, the mini-pin or badge, the stick pin, and the brooch. However, each design comes in various sizes and colors. Be sure to choose something that fits your style and the point you are trying to make. 

Lapel pins have made quite the comeback. Try different styles, mix it up, and be creative. Mix and match your pins based on your mood or the occasion. Make it your own and showcase your style. 

Here at the LapelPinSuperstore, we can create quality custom-made lapel pins for any occasion. Let us know the design, logo, or words you want, and we will give you a free quote. Please give us an email with any questions you have and let us show you how easy creating custom lapel pins can be! 

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