What You Don't Know About Custom Lapel Pins

What You Don't Know About Custom Lapel Pins

When we see a lapel pin on a jacket or a uniform of any sort, we think of the accolades and awards that person has won. Lapel pins act as...

When we see a lapel pin on a jacket or a uniform of any sort, we think of the accolades and awards that person has won. Lapel pins act as a stylish accessory while informing others of events or memorable experiences in one's life. However, we tend to ignore that lapel pins are a versatile accessory, and not all pins are created the same. 

At the LapelPinSuperstore, creating quality custom lapel pins is what we do. We have over a decade of experience, and we've learned a great deal about lapel pins along the way. We're here to share a few of those details with you, which will help you when ordering your next custom lapel pin. 

First things first, it's important to think about the type of lapel pin you want. Soft enamel pins are the most popular and great when working with a budget. These pins are much more affordable, though still boasting durability and vibrancy. Soft enamel pins feature a colorful, 3-dimensional appearance, which is why they are so widely used and incredibly popular. 

For a more durable pin, hard enamel will be your best option. While similar to soft enamel pins, they are distinctly separate. Hard enamel pins have the same die-cast, color-filled creation. However, it's the tempering that makes the difference. Hard enamel pins are heated to increase its strength after the cooling process. This results in a crisp, smooth finish that is tough, durable, and eye-catching. 

Next up, customizing your lapel pins. At the LapelPinSuperstore, we have a bevy of options when it comes to creating custom lapel pins. No matter if you are celebrating a personal milestone or giving out your lapel pins as a gift of appreciation, adding custom options will take your design to the next level. 

Get creative and be thoughtful! Use images and text to convey your thoughts and honor those around you with exceptional quality and detail. Adding custom options is a great way to make your custom lapel pin stand out, while also getting your point across. 

Now it's time that you realize that lapel pins don't need pins at all. While pins with a butterfly clutch are still the most popular, there are other ways to keep your lapel pin secure. There are now safety pin backings and magnets and screws to hold your accessory in place. The choice is yours and that of personal taste. The butterfly clutch is still the most durable and functional. 

Finally, did you know that lapel pin trading is incredibly popular? Lapel pins are not just for accessorizing or supporting a team. "Pin trading" has grown in popularity as folks from all over the world gather to trade and collect pins. This is often seen for team sports pins, and the ultimate goal is to have the rare and stunning pins. 

Now that you have learned a few things about custom lapel pins and what makes them so popular let us show you how easy ordering them can be. We would be honored to work with you on your next custom lapel pins! 

We have the team and experience needed to create timeless custom pins that will be made with quality and care. If you have a design in mind, we can help you create the perfect lapel pin, no matter the event or the purpose. Get a free quote here or email us with any questions regarding your design. We would be honored to work with you on your next order of custom lapel pins! 

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