Using Lapel Pins To Raise Awareness for Your Cause

Using Lapel Pins To Raise Awareness for Your Cause

Are you looking to raise awareness to support worthy causes? Are you trying to raise funds for a GoFundMe or Kickstarter campaign? Getting people's attention, even in an online and...

Are you looking to raise awareness to support worthy causes? Are you trying to raise funds for a GoFundMe or Kickstarter campaign?

Getting people's attention, even in an online and continuously connected world, can feel impossible at times. You can have a great poster and a nice Facebook page and still not see any comments or visits. Don't worry; we're here to assist! Let us walk you through a few ways to raise awareness for your cause.

Organize a Fundraising Event!
If you want to boost awareness for your cause, organizing a fundraising event is a great way to start. The event should be engaging. You can launch concerts, tabletop game events, a potluck for the community, or a competition, for example.

Launch A Viral Video Campaign!
Among the best ways to bring awareness to a cause are viral challenge videos. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis? That went viral, and it led people to discover and support the cause. The campaign helped boost its research financing by 187%.

You, too, can launch a video campaign. It must be a quick challenge that anyone can do and share on social media or YouTube. This will make it easier to grow in popularity. You should also make sure it's a safe video challenge to avoid any controversies.

Run A Photo Contest!
You can also raise awareness on Pinterest or Instagram with a photo contest. Here is a quick example of what to do. Make a new board on Pinterest. Fill that board with images related to your cause. Announce your contest and encourage people to look at the sample board.

People joining should make their board and fill it with other related photos. To qualify, they must share that board and get people to like or share your social media pages. The last step is the most crucial as it drives online traffic to your cause.

Wear Promotional Accessories & Clothing!
If you support a cause, wear it! Hollywood celebrities did when they supported the #MeToo movement, which centers around the struggle against sexual violence. Celebrities involved in the movement or those who wanted to raise awareness wore #MeToo lapel pins. Pins are great promotional accessories to raise awareness.

People associate lapel pins, particularly ribbon-shaped pins, with a charity or foundation. This speaks to how popular lapel pin accessories are. You can use other forms of promotional wear, too, such as hats, shirts, or even ID lanyards. They might not be as successful as lapel pins. However, they’re sometimes either too expensive or not as prominent.

Run Social Media Ads!
To truly widen your reach, run social media ads. If you have a Facebook page, it's time to invest in paid ads. Get people of specific demographics or areas to see your post and updates. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook give you full control over your paid ads.

You can set a budget and dictate which days and what time the ads appear. These ads also let you specify your target audience. Use this strategy if you plan to organize a fundraising event or if you sell promotional wear.

Walks For A Cause!
Parades and walks for a cause still garner attention. Who wouldn't pay attention? Your group closed the street, and you rallied a bunch of people to lift promotional banners and discuss your cause. Some towns and cities might make your walk a big event, increasing the probability of media coverage. This is even more useful, letting people not in the immediate area learn about your cause.

School Campaigns!
Promotions in schools always help raise awareness. This can be something as simple as discussing your cause with the students to handing them pamphlets and promotional wear. The students might share these items with friends and family, further increasing good word-of-mouth. Some schools turn these into educational campaigns. Teachers may even encourage students to sell promotional wear or attend a walk for a cause.

Influencer Marketing!
Learn how to raise awareness for a cause through social media influencers. Influencers can be found on Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube, boasting thousands, or even millions of followers. When they endorse something, their followers take notice.

Be aware that influencers typically don't work free. Some accept direct payment, while others request freebies they can showcase on their next post or video. These are the best people to contact if you want to boost promotional lapel pins or launch a successful viral video challenge.

Optimize Your Website!
You can't raise awareness if you don’t have an optimized website. Do not rely on a Facebook page or YouTube channel alone. An optimized website lets you keep visitors and subscribers updated through posts and newsletters. You can use PPC ads and SEO strategies to keep your site and its content up to date and visible online.

This also gives your social media followers a platform they can visit to support you. An optimized website also provides people outside of social media to contact you. You can link all your social media accounts there too. If your cause has a Kickstarter or Patreon account to raise funds, link it to your site!

Raise Awareness For Your Cause Today!
If you support a cause or an important movement, don’t settle with small talks and mini-fundraising efforts. Use these tactics to raise awareness for your cause and get more people to take notice. You can start with great promotional wear.

We offer some incredible lapel pins that you can use to boost awareness. Find out more and get a free quote today!

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