Understanding Pin Materials: What Are the Different Types of Pins?

Understanding Pin Materials: What Are the Different Types of Pins?

Lapel pins are a popular way to show off a little bit of extra personality and style while dressing your best. They're also an unobtrusive way to show support for...

Lapel pins are a popular way to show off a little bit of extra personality and style while dressing your best. They're also an unobtrusive way to show support for a certain cause or team.

But a quick look through any pin shop could leave you feeling overwhelmed. There are many types of pins available in the world. If you don't know the difference between them all, how are you supposed to pick the right one?

Don't worry, we're here to help. Listed down below is a quick guide to the different styles of pins and the unique qualities about each one. With this list, you'll learn everything you need to know!


Most people agree that

cloisonné pins, otherwise known as hard enamel pins, are the best quality. The name comes from an ancient metal decorating technique that originated back in the 13th century.

Using a thick metal base, thin bits of soldered metal outline the shape of the desired design. A sturdy enamel paste then fills in the gaps in between this outline, giving the pin its pops of color. It's then polished until it gleams and shines.

The result is a beautiful pin that looks like a high-end piece of jewelry, without any extra distracting texture. It works great for any kind of bold design with bold colors, helping those details come to life.

Soft Enamel

If you're looking for a style much like the hard enamel pins but wish to save some money, then soft enamel is the choice for you. Instead of soldering the outline into the backing, then a mold presses into the metal, indenting it. The areas are then filled with enamel paint.

It results in a similar-looking pin to the

cloisonné method, but with more texture and character. The best part about these types of lapel pins is the fact that they're so affordable without looking cheap.

They achieve a stylish finish that is great for any occasion.

Die Struck

For something timeless and beautiful, die struck pins are the best way to go. The chosen metal is struck with the design, pressing in certain parts of the metal to create the edges.

With die struck pins, no extra color or paint distracts from the design. Instead, you're left with a beautiful pin that doesn't need the addition of color to make a statement. It relies on the indentations, shadows, and shine of the metal itself to make the design work.

The interesting thing about this style of pin is the fact that you have a wider variety of different metals to choose from, including gold. This gives you a high-quality product that looks both classic and striking.

Digital Print

Always wanted a specific picture turned into a wearable pin? With the digital print method, that's now a possibility.

This method doesn't rely on different paints and molds to create a design like the other pins. Instead, this method takes the digital picture and prints it onto the metal itself. Then it's covered in a protective coat of epoxy, giving it a bit of extra shine.

With digital print, you're able to achieve a higher quality of intricate details. You're also able to get any color you'd ever want, without any restrictions such as available materials or equipment.

Digital print is the perfect choice whenever you need a pin that has a very detailed design with a lot of colors.

Photo Etched

This method is the ultimate balance between jewelry-like quality and intricate detail. Unlike digital print, the chosen photo design is etched into the metal of the pin. The metal is often much thinner than other methods, giving it a lighter weight and a lower cost.

The etching gives you a 3D textured effect similar to die struck or enamel pins while remaining delicate. They also use colors in a way similar to enamel pins, and get the same protective epoxy coating.

The result is a gorgeous pin that catches the light and looks beautiful alongside any personal style. Because these pins are more affordable to purchase, they're great for organizations who want a detailed pin without breaking the bank.

Quick Pins

Sometimes you just don't have time to come up with a specific custom design. That's where many manufacturers make use of quick pins.

When you go through the process of making a quick pin, you'll choose from a list of pre-made shapes and sizes. Then it's time to choose from pre-made designs and colors.

You still choose from a nice selection that gives you the perfect pin design. You select from certain presets that the manufacturer can replicate without any delays.

These pins are great for when you need a lot of pins made fast and as inexpensively as possible. These quick pins will still show off your support or style in a beautiful way.

USA Made

Today, the vast majority of pins are made overseas. But if you need pins made in America, that's no problem.

Thse pins are made of first quality American materials, and crafted in American factories. The most common style for USA-made pins are the die struck style.

When you purchase these custom pins, you'll know that you're supporting workers in your home country. And you're getting a beautiful product at the same time.

These pins are perfect for supporting patriotic organizations, political campaigns and other groups around the country.

Choose the Types of Pins That Suit Your Needs Best

With so many different types of pins to choose from, you'll never have any trouble finding the right pin for the right situation. From detailed designs to supportive words, the available options never end.

Best of all you, you can get the perfect design custom made to your specifications. You'll always have the best lapel pin for your style when you're the one who chose the design.

Want to get started finding the right pin for an upcoming occasion? Contact us today!

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