The More You Know: A Look Into Custom Pin Styles

Jesse Daugherty - Jan 12, 2021
The More You Know: A Look Into Custom Pin Styles

Custom pins are unlike many promotional items. They are both portable and affordable, which means they are a cost-effective way to raise brand awareness, bring attention to a cause, or give as a gift. Pins are also fashionable and less obtrusive than other items while still serving as a functional form of advertising. 

From a style and design aspect, pins can be customized in several ways to bring even more attention if needed. When it comes to designing custom pins, there are a few things to consider before creating your own. There are several pin styles, finishes, sizes, and backing options. You can even choose to add colors and other details to make your design stand out. Today we take a closer look at pin styles and materials.

Cloisonne Pins

Cloisonné lapel pins are the highest quality pin offered. The process provides a stunning finish that is close to that of fine jewelry. Cloisonné pins are created by having your design die-struck into a copper-bronze base. The valleys of the ridges are then filled with a powdered glass-like mixture. The result is both eye-catching and beautiful.

Soft Enamel

Soft enamel pins offer a look similar to cloisonné pins. Custom soft enamel pins feature a design that is filled with enamel paints before being heated to seal the colors. These pins have a lustrous appearance and are ideal for designs with colors that are clearly separated.

Photo Etched 

Photo-etched pins are ideal for designs with fine details. This style offers more flexibility with color. This style also provides a lighter weight with a rich and vibrant look! Get creative with photo-etched custom pins and capture the details! 

Die Struck 

Die struck pins offer a classic and timeless approach. These formal-looking pins feature sharp contrast, relief, and details to your design. Unlike other designs that fill in with color, the die struck pins feature polished ridges and matte, textured, or antiqued finishes in the recessed areas. The result is a classic and traditional look that is undeniable.

Color Printed

Color printed custom pins are also great for an eye-catching approach. Choose your offset digital printing when your design requires fine lines and details. Color printed pins are vivid and unique, and they are certainly a great way to grab attention.

No matter what style of pin you choose, we can bring it to life. If you are a brand, business, organization, or even a band, custom lapel pins can benefit your marketing. At the, we know custom pins. We have been creating custom pins of all sorts for over fifteen years. 

Our incredible team of artists and graphic designers will work with you to create eye-catching, high-quality pins no matter their function. Need some new merchandise for your eCommerce store? We’ve got you covered! Are you looking for a unique way to give thanks to your supports, donors, and/or fans? We can help! 

We make designing and ordering custom pins easier than ever. Get a free quote or email us. We’d be honored to work with you!