The Look! All About Styling A Lapel Pin

The Look! All About Styling A Lapel Pin

At the, we know all about creating custom lapel pins. We have over fifteen years of experience when it comes to producing top-quality pins. However, today we step...

At the, we know all about creating custom lapel pins. We have over fifteen years of experience when it comes to producing top-quality pins. However, today we step away from the production side and take a closer look at styling. For us, designing an excellent pin is easy, but how one styles and wears a lapel pin can make a huge difference. Below you will find a guide on how and where to wear a lapel pin. We also take a look at when and what type of pins to wear. For us, designing pins is just the first step. How your pin looks matters, and how it's worn will impact your style and the pin you have selected. Get some ideas, tips, and tricks below, and stay stylish. 

Lapel pins are an excellent way to add a little touch of flair to almost any outfit. The most common place to find a lapel pin is paired with a traditional suit. For this particular look, the lapel pin should be worn on the left side of your lapel, above the pocket square. Most suits have a buttonhole that provides the perfect place to add a pin. However, if your jacket does not have a buttonhole, simply apply the pin to the area, but be sure to remove it carefully to prevent damaging the fabric. Use custom lapel pins to contrast and compliment your look. You can even opt to bring awareness to a particular cause or an organization. A pin is a unique way to stand out and enhance your look, especially in a dapper suit. 

Lapel pins can also be used to add a dose of color to your ensemble. For those who usually wear neutral colors, a colorful pin can add a nice contrast that will add some personality to any look. Be careful when choosing your colors. Your lapel pin should be a nice contrast so that it shows up. For bolder, more colorful, and intricate pins, choose a solid color shirt that isn't overwhelming. A custom pin should add to your look, no matter the size, shape, message, or purpose of the design. When choosing a pin to wear, take the time to select something different that will display your style and character. 

If you want to really add to your outfit, consider wearing two or more lapel pins. This is commonly seen on denim jackets, used to showcase personality while adding a dose of style to iconic apparel. Wearing multiple pins adds texture to your look and comes across as trendy and sophisticated. Use pins that contrast each other while tying them in with other aspects of your outfit. This cohesion is meant to present your personality while taking your look to the next level.

Custom pins can also be added to other items such as hats, backpacks, bags, and much more. Their versatility is part of their charm! Lapel pins can be used on hats to spread a message or raise brand awareness. Adding pins to backpacks and bags is an excellent way to show your passion for certain hobbies and interests. They are great for pins from your favorite bands, sports teams, and artists. No matter what kind of pins you have, there is a unique way to wear them. 

At the, we design and produce some of the best pins on the market. We are dedicated to providing fine-quality pins that can be customized to your exact specifications. We have created pins for brands, companies, organizations, sports teams, and more. They are versatile enough to serve several purposes, and we understand their benefits from a business standpoint and elevate your wardrobe. No matter what type of pins you are looking for, we can bring them to life. We make it fast and easy to order as well. Simply fill out our no-obligation-free quote form or email us. We're here to answer any questions you have, and we will work with you to create custom pins you can wear with pride. Let's get started!

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