The Details: 5 Things To Check On Your Custom Pin Art Proof

Jesse Daugherty - Oct 12, 2020
The Details: 5 Things To Check On Your Custom Pin Art Proof

When you’re ordering custom lapel pins, any reputable provider will send you a free digital art proof of your design before production begins. That’s your opportunity to review your design, and make any necessary corrections before finalizing your order. It’s a way to ensure the details of your custom pin design are exactly the way you want them.

To be sure your pins turn out as you expect, there are five specific details to check on your digital proof. They are as follows:

Spelling and Grammar

The first thing to check on your art proof is the text. If your custom pin has text or a name, triple check to make sure everything is spelled correctly. This is also the time to check your text's grammar, ensuring that the wording makes sense and is in exactly the order you want.

All good pin suppliers will make every effort to confirm anything that looks unclear. Details such as the spelling of a company’s or individual’s name, are details you will be more aware of and catch more easily. Take the time to review the details and make sure everything is in order! 


Just as with spelling and grammar, you should check your art proof font choices. Take the time to be sure that your font selection matches the tone and idea of your coin. You wouldn’t use Comic Sans on a military coin, for example, but you might on a coin for a children’s reading program. 

Big, bold fonts will draw attention. A more conventional design, however, might better convey your ideas without pulling attention from the design imagery. Take a closer look at your font selections, and make sure your custom pin design isn't saying too much or too little. 


After confirming that your grammar, text, and font choices are correct, examine the colors of your pin design. Image is everything when it comes to recognizability, and your brand's colors play a significant role. Keep in mind that computer monitors differ in their color accuracy. To be sure you have the right colors, take the time to match the correct Pantone® colors used in your design to your brand or logo.


It's easy to get lost in the details of your custom pin. Your art proof gives you the chance to make sure that all the content you want to include is there. Make a list of what you want on the design and examine your custom pin thoroughly to be sure it’s all there. 

Once your order is confirmed, and sent to production, it's too late to make any changes to the design. Be sure your pin includes all the details and content you want to share!


Don’t forget to check your pin’s shape. Remember, custom lapel pins are wearable accessories, so add some flair with a unique shape that represents your brand. You’re not limited to just round, square or rectangular styles.

A good pin provider won’t charge you for revisions. You don’t have to settle. Production won’t start until you give your final approval on the design.

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