The 5 Best Ways to Display Your Trading Pin

The 5 Best Ways to Display Your Trading Pin

Every pin trader has one ultimate goal: display the treasures collected. And sometimes, the display can be just as important as the trading pins collection itself. So when your collection...

Every pin trader has one ultimate goal: display the treasures collected. And sometimes, the display can be just as important as the trading pins collection itself. So when your collection is in need of a fresh start, you can turn to TradingPinsDirect and check out these 5 innovative ways to display your trading pins!




Canvases are the perfect way for trading pins to be displayed both easily and fashionably. Having a canvas has a few distinct advantages. The first is ease of transfer and setup. Canvases can be easily moved from place to place, making pins much less of a hassle if you needed to move displays from room to room or house to house. Canvases are also much easier to display, as many of them can be hung with ease using hooks or nails in walls. Canvases also offer ease of customizability. Canvases can be easily painted or decorated with your favorite logo or sports team, adding another layer or theme to your pin collection. 




Lanyards are a unique but fun way to display your pin collections. Lanyards offer the ultimate transferability. You can bring lanyards everywhere you go, making it easy to show parts of your pin display no matter where you go. Lanyards can also be customized. Although not as customizable as canvases, lanyards can offer some variability of color, and most major sports teams and brands have logos at relatively low prices. Lanyards can be hung on hooks, coat racks, or even on simple nails in the wall, with no sacrifice in the aesthetics department. 




For the ultimate sports fan, hats are one of the best ways to show pride in your team. But have you ever considered hats as a way to display your trading pins? Hats make an interesting and unique background for themed pin collections. Hats travel easy and can be an easy way to show off a pin collection at a sports game or event (bucket hats may work better for this). If you’re going for a more display-driven approach, old hats can give a pin collection an old-timey feel, while team-based hats can add more layers to a themed collection. Hats ultimately can add a touch of style to a pin collection while adding a sense of uniqueness to your collection.




Pillows are a fun way to add your collection to your domestic setup. Although they lack the same amount of customizability as some of the other options, pillows make up for it with aestheticism and class. A pillow can be a good way to show off designer pins or high-quality pins to guests and spectators. They can travel easy as well, and traditionally do not take up a lot of space. Although there is an issue with usability (a pillow with pins on it can’t really be used), pillows can act as a perfect vehicle for your most precious pins to be displayed for all to see. 




There’s nothing that screams a mixture of “sports” and “collector” like a foam finger. Although relatively old-fashioned, a foam finger can be a great way to display pins. Foam fingers hold pins well and can be a great way to get a lot of pins in a small area (you could even do double sided!). Foam fingers also give the right essence that a sports pin collector would like to exude. Foam fingers really show the difference between sports fans and total fanatics, and can add that same idea to your pin collection. Some may be out of commission, but finding a foam finger isn’t incredibly difficult and most of them are inexpensive, which makes them a perfect way to give off strong sports vibes while flaunting your pin collection!

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