Stylish & Eye-Catching: When Do Die Struck Custom Pins Make Sense

Jesse Daugherty - Sep 23, 2020
Stylish & Eye-Catching: When Do Die Struck Custom Pins Make Sense

There are a variety of styles when it comes to custom lapel pins. However, many companies, organizations, and more opt for die struck pins. Many who order die struck pins are looking for elegant, stylish pins that are economical and can be produced and delivered quickly. 

Often, businesses hand out die struck pins to customers and suppliers. They also can be used as team-building tools and morale boosters inside the office. Charities and social service groups also use die struck custom pins to show support and involvement in the cause, and even for  fund-raising efforts. 

Die struck pins are popular for their versatility and ability to stand out. These coins have the design stamped into the metal using pressure, which leaves recessed and raised sections. The coins can be plated in different colors before polishing, offering a look similar to fine jewelry. 

Die struck pins are typically colorless, though they can be customized to stand out more. Die struck pins can be ordered in custom gold or other metal colors. Add an antique finish to it and offer something regal and unique.

The best thing about die struck pins is their ability to be used in many different ways. They are not only great for branding, but they can be handed out at meetings and seminars. You can use custom pins at conventions and trade shows, even to recognize employees and departments. 

Custom pins are perfect for team-building exercises, and charities use them to recognize both donors and volunteers. Die struck pins are also quite popular among collectors. They are great additions to any collection and hold their value in terms of trading. 

At the, we know custom pins. We've been creating custom die struck pins for more than 15 years, and we know what it takes to deliver quality products. We have an incredible team of graphic artists and designers who know what a great pin should look like. 

We will work with you to ensure you get the custom pin you envisioned. We can take your design from a rough sketch or a fully-realized concept, transforming it into something you can cherish for years to come. No matter your design or your budget, we will create quality pins that look exceptional and desirable. 

We work hard to deliver quality products, offering a selection of unique features and add-ons. Creating custom pins is what we do, and we aim to make it effortless. Get a free quote on your custom pin design or email us with any questions you may have. We're happy to help. We deliver quality products and eye-catching pins worth collecting. Let us show you how easy it can be!