Style Essentials: Should Your Lapel Pin Match Your Tie?

Style Essentials: Should Your Lapel Pin Match Your Tie?

If you are looking for a new way to add a bit of personality to your style and your business wear, try a custom lapel pin! From the classic boutonnieres...

If you are looking for a way to add a bit of personality and style to your business wear, try a custom lapel pin! From the classic boutonnieres to awareness ribbons, promotional badges, and more, custom-designed lapel pins are making a strong comeback. More than just accessories for everyday wear, custom pins can showcase your personality and personal style in a fun and unique way. 

Lapel pins were once worn only by politicians or guests at formal events. However, today you can see lapel pins being worn in all facets of life. These unique accessories easily attach to jackets, shirts, or ties, polishing your look while letting you stand out in the crown. 

Lapel pins can also signify your solidarity with a cause or show your affiliation with a particular club. They can even be used as a stylish way to promote your business. Use custom pins for fundraisers, conventions, graduations, and trade shows. You can even give them to donors and supporters to recognize and honor  their efforts. 

Custom lapel pins are crafted from a bevy of materials, in a number of themes, and with eye-catching designs. However, there is a bit of complexity when it comes to wearing lapel pins. Lapel pins are a way to add a touch of class and personality to your style. Doing it wrong will just have you looking out of sorts. 

Lapel pins are a nice touch to any jacket. They can be attached to the buttonhole of your jacket or your shirt's left lapel. The pin should be worn slightly above the heart and should always follow the angle of your jacket's buttonhole. 

If you are wearing a tie without a jacket, you can opt to wear your lapel pin, much like a tie bar. Choosing where to place your pin is a crucial piece of the puzzle. People generally place tie accessories too high or too low. 

The perfect position is near the middle of the tie, usually between the fourth and third buttons. The pin should also be proportional to your tie's width. If you are going to wear the pin on your tie, you should not leave the tie swinging freely. Use the pin to attach your tie to your shirt. 

The real question is, should your pin match your tie? The answer is yes, always match your lapel pin with your tie. You want a cohesive look. Ensure that your lapel pin and your tie match.

Lapel pins are convenient accessories, but knowing when to wear them is important. There are only a few situations where a lapel pin might be inappropriate. You can wear your custom pin to formal and non-formal events, including during workdays or even when just going out for drinks. 

In the office, the lapel pin should be more subdued in design. Classic designs, including feathers and boutonnieres, work perfectly. For everyday wear, feel free to showcase your style and personality. 

Look for a lapel pin that matches in color, size, and pattern, and get playful. Showcase your passion for a particular cause or just add a touch of color and detail to your style.

At, custom lapel pins are what we do! We can create quality pins, no matter your budget. We have an incredibly talented team of artists and graphic designers who will work with you on every step of the design process to ensure your custom pin is exactly how you envisioned it. No matter if you are creating pins for trade or for marketing purposes, or just for your own personal style, we've got you covered. 

We make creating, designing, and ordering custom lapel pins easier than ever. No matter if you have a rough sketch of what you want or a fully-realized concept, we can create a stunning, top quality to suit your needs. 

If you are ready to get started, you can get a free quote on your next order now. You can also email us with any questions you have pertaining to design, ordering, or getting started; we'd be honored to assist! Let us show you how easy ordering custom lapel pins can be! 

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