Size Matters! How To Determine The Right Custom Pin Size

Jesse Daugherty - Oct 27, 2020
Size Matters! How To Determine The Right Custom Pin Size

When creating the perfect custom lapel pin, there is a lot to think about. You want a pin that showcases your brand, company, or organization with thoughtful design. It's important to think about details such as font and typography, logos, shape, and the size of your custom pins. Sizing can be tricky because you don't want a pin that is too big or too small. 

Pin size should not be an afterthought. Size has a big impact on your final design, affecting the customizations of your pin as well. So let's talk about custom pin sizing. The size of your custom pin is an important part of the design. It affects the visibility of your design, therefore affecting its impact.

Smaller pins lack detail. Larger pins, on the other hand, can be a bit too much when worn. Large custom pins are usually larger than 1.5,” and small pins are typically below 0.75”. While finding the perfect size for your specific design isn’t complicated, there are a few factors to consider. 

Aim to match the size of your pin with the detail of your design. Larger custom pins are better suited for more intricate, detailed artwork. Classic lapel pin sizes typically range from 0.75-inch to one inch. This range allows your pin to be seen without being overbearing. Designs that feature more detail and texture need the extra space of pins that are 1.25” or more. That extra size allows the complex details to become visible.

Another aspect to consider with pin sizing is where a pin will be worn. Larger pins are ideal for bags and hats. If your custom pins will be on a display or a bag, opt for a bigger design with high visual appeal.

At, we have more than fifteen years’ experience creating custom pins of all kinds. We have an experienced team of graphic artists who will work with you to create the perfect pin. We can help you create something unique and attractive that’s ideal for your specific needs. 

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