Promote Safety, Health & Social Distancing With Custom Lapel Pins

Jesse Daugherty - Oct 19, 2020
Promote Safety, Health & Social Distancing With Custom Lapel Pins

It’s no secret 2020 has been challenging for everyone. It's been quite a year that none of us expected. We enjoy gathering with friends, colleagues, and family, but this year has been different. In these trying times, we are all aiming to stay safe and healthy as we do our part to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re constantly reminded to stay socially distanced from one another, but after a lifetime of being close to friends, family, and others, it's easy to forget. 

Custom lapel pins are excellent tools for keeping safety in mind, especially in these unfamiliar times. Sometimes we need a cue to remind us what we are supposed to do. Custom pins are a great visual cue to remind those around you to maintain proper social distance.

Lapel pins are an outstanding way to get an idea across. You can wear a  lapel pin on your lapel, shirt collar, a hat, or on your purse or bag.

These pins do not need to be big to have an impact, but they do need to be big enough to be seen from six feet away. A one-inch lapel pin can reinforce the importance of social distancing. At, we can create pins of all sorts, offering something unique to you and your business that reminds everyone to socially distance.

Create pins that include the phrase “Social Distancing 2020," or something to honor workers on the front -lines. The options are almost endless. Our team of graphic artists will work with you to create the perfect custom lapel pin for you. We can make your design happen exactly the way you want.

Ready to find out more? Get a free quote on custom lapel pins or email us with any questions you have. We’ll help you to promote a safe and healthy future with custom social distancing lapel pins!