Political Pins Show Support For The Campaign

Jesse Daugherty - Aug 11, 2020
Political Pins Show Support For The Campaign

Custom lapel pins have a variety of uses and applications. More than just an accessory to accent your look, custom lapel pins can have meaning and provide a message. This is especially true in politics and on the campaign trail. Custom pins have a place in history with political campaigns and social movements. These pins are excellent tools for fundraising and promotion, offering a supporter keepsake for political candidates. 

Political pins have become staples in politics and on the campaign trail. They bring awareness to the cause and to the candidate, offering an eye-catching way to stand out and be remembered. In American politics, the lapel pin has become an essential showcase of patriotism. 

The American Flag pin came into popularity after World War II. Richard Nixon became the first president always to wear an American flag pin. A character inspired him in the Robert Redford film The Candidate, who displayed one on his suit jacket. Nixon then instructed the entire White House staff to begin wearing the flag pin as a show of support. 

Since then, custom lapel pins have been used by nearly all candidates as a form of sharing their message and their cause with supporters. Much more than just an accessory, these pins have meaning and showcase the wearer's support. 

At the LapelPinSuperstore, we’ve been crafting custom lapel pins for years. We have the experience and know-how to create the perfect pin for your campaign. It’s important to think about the details and the purpose of the coin. Our incredibly talented team of designers and graphic artists will work with you to create the best custom pin for your needs. 

Think about the design elements and the point you want to make. Do you want something flashy or a more traditional pin? Do you want to include images and text? What do you want your pin to convey? 

All of these details will result in a stunning pin that you and your supporters will be proud to wear and display during the campaign. We make creating and ordering custom lapel pins easier than ever. 

Get a free quote for your political pins now, or simply email us with any questions you have regarding your design. Our team will assist you along the way, creating a custom pin with a purpose! Let us show you how easy ordering custom pins can be. We’d be honored to work with your campaign!