Level Up: A Guide To Trading Pins

Level Up: A Guide To Trading Pins

Lapel pins and custom pins are much more than just a way to accessorize your style. Pins can be used as a form of marketing, providing an eye-catching way to...

Lapel pins and custom pins are much more than just a way to accessorize your style. Pins can be used as a form of marketing, providing an eye-catching way to promote your brand. They can even be used as a way to showcase customer loyalty, employee appreciation, and your personality. While pins have various uses and are handy for several applications, trading pins have become quite popular over the years. Pins come in all shapes and sizes, some even rarer than others, and some are just unique enough to have in the collection. 

Lapel pin trading has become a regular part of sports tournaments and academic tournaments. These competitions have both seen the tradition of pin trading, which grows year after year. The history of pin trading dates back to the early modern Olympic Games. What started among the athletes has grown to include fans and spectators worldwide, even expanding into other sports. 

Back in 1983, Little League Baseball introduced their first pins, and trading expanded across the youth sports world. Now there are custom trading pins for softball, soccer, swimming, ice skating, football, hockey, and more. 

Many tournaments today organize pin trading ceremonies. Here competitors gather to get to know each other while getting the opportunity to trade pins with fellow competitors. 

There are a few things to know before you start trading pins. Lapel pins are often traded at a one-to-one ratio. However, unique and custom pins with interesting details may offer increased "trading power." 

Unique elements such as bobbleheads, sliders, spinners, danglers, glitter, and even LED lights are a nice touch to make pins more desirable. The more eye-catching and unique the pin, the better the "trading power." If your pin has one, or some, of these custom features, you may command a two-to-one or even a three-to-one ratio. 

Exclusivity matters as well. The rarer the pin, the more it will call for in trade. However, having the opportunity to get a rare pin into your collection is hard to resist! These options are a proven way to boost your trading power while also helping you land the perfect pin. 

At LapelPinSuperstore.com, we know all about custom pins and trading pins. We offer a selection of unique features and add-ons that will make your pins stand out among the rest. No matter what your design or budget, we will work with you to create outstanding, quality pins that will not only look great but be worthy of collecting. 

Our team of graphic designers will work with you every step of the way to create a pin that looks great and has plenty of trading power. All of our pins manufactured are of finest quality, offering a reasonable price for top-quality products. If you want the best pins for the best price, with the best customer service in the business, we've got you covered. 

We make creating custom pins easy and effortless, no matter if you have a rough idea or a fully-realized concept. We can create great custom lapel pins for any application. Get a free quote on your design today or email us with any questions regarding your design, order, and more. We'd be honored to assist you in creating something special! 

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