Ita Bags Are Perfect For Displaying Your Pins

Jesse Daugherty - Aug 25, 2020
Ita Bags Are Perfect For Displaying Your Pins

Pin collecting and trading have become quite a popular hobby. Trading pins started at the Olympic Games and have since expanded into other realms of our lives. Pin collectors now have trade shows and events strictly dedicating to collecting and trading for the perfect pin. 

Pins were first traded at the Olympic Games by athletes before spectators started to notice. Now trading and collecting pins are popular amongst Disney fans, Coca-Cola fans, and many more. 

While pin collecting has quite a history, how you display your pin collection is a whole other ball game. While many opt to keep their collection stored away, or displayed in a nice case, some want to take their favorite pins with them. 

Sure, you can wear your pins, but how do you showcase your pin collection without the risk of damaging or losing them? Let us introduce you to Ita Bags. 

Ita bags are handbags, backpacks, or any other kind of bag covered in badges, buttons, figurines, and more. These unique bags are a popular selection for anime and manga fans in Japan. 

The bags began to show up in Japanese popular culture in the 2010s. These bags are generally crafted with a clear section on the front that shows your pins to the world. In this space, you can hang pins, badges, buttons, figures, and more, showcasing your collection while also providing easy access for trading. 

Ita bags spread throughout the world thanks to anime and manga fans, though their popularity has expanded far outside of Japan. An ita bag is a perfect way to showcase your collection. You can cover your bag in anything you choose, while a plastic cover keeps your collection safe and clean. 

Here at the LapelPinSuperstore, we know how important your pin collection is. We understand the meaning that these small, creative designs can have, and we know a thing about creating custom pins of all sorts. Ita bags are the perfect way to take your pin collection on the go, providing a unique space to see and show your lineup to the world. 

If you are interested in creating a custom pin for yourself, we can help. Our incredible team of artists and graphic designers will work with you to design something outstanding and memorable. 

Get a free quote on your custom pin today or give us an email with any questions you may have. We’d be honored to design and craft something special for you! 


Image courtesy of Saints And Pinners