How To Properly Wear Lapel Pins

Jesse Daugherty - Jul 23, 2020
How To Properly Wear Lapel Pins

Lapel pins have exploded in popularity yet again! While these accessories are nothing new, people are using lapel pins for a variety of reasons. From marketing to stylish accessories, and everything in between, lapel pins make a statement. Lapel pins are small pins worn on clothing, often on the lapel of suits and jackets. These pins were originally worn to represent an affiliation with a club or an association, evolving into a fashion staple over the decades. 

Today we take a look at the various types of pins and how they should be worn. When it comes to pin variety, there are boutonnieres, jewelry lapel pins, and brooch lapel pins. Each style has its own character and has its own place. 

If you've ever been to prom, you more than likely wore a boutonniere. Jewelry pins are popular for red carpets and other events, while brooches are known for their vintage elements. No matter what pin you choose, there is a proper way to wear each one. Lapel pins come in different forms, and the real challenge is wearing them correctly. 

It's quite easy, though! A suit lapel pin should be worn around the lapel buttonhole. This will be found at the topmost part of your left lapel. For double-breasted suits, the pin must always be on the left-hand side. If the metal pin is visible, align it to sit parallel to the lapel. 

You can also experiment with layering, sides, and places for the perfect look. It's also important to consider the type of occasion you are wearing the lapel pin for. While a flower lapel pin might be fine for a social gathering, it's not really the right option for a business meeting. 

Be sure to color coordinate as well. Your suit has a color code, and it's easy to stick to the theme. Your lapel pin should match or complement your scheme, assisting in your look, not overpowering it. 

The size of your pin matters too! This often depends on the type of fabric you have on. Large pins may weigh down your lapel, while a small pin may look like a button. The right size adds a nice touch and offers a clean look. 

Custom lapel pins come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and with an array of details. They are great for casual looks or formal events, offer a dose of style and character. When worn properly, lapel pins are an excellent way to add style to any wardrobe. 

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