How to Get Started With Pin Trading

How to Get Started With Pin Trading

Pin trading is incredibly fun, and has a rich and interesting history. However, it can be difficult to determine just how to start pin trading. Well, worry no more and...

Pin trading is incredibly fun, and has a rich and interesting history. However, it can be difficult to determine just how to start pin trading. Well, worry no more and get ready to dive into your new favorite hobby! Here are the easy steps to take to get started with pin trading.



Pin trading is such a broad term, it can describe a host of different events and pin trading styles. And so, it’s important to know exactly what you’re doing in terms of pin trading. Are you trading branded pins? Custom made pins? Is there a specific character or company that you’ll want to trade? Looking for a special niche? These are all things to consider when you’re deciding what you want to trade. It’s important to get involved and decide what you want to do!



Just like any new topic, you want to make sure that you’re well educated before you jump in. It’s important to know just how pin trading works and understanding the basis or procedures that are followed. There are lots of intricacies within pin trading, so the more you read about pin trading, the easier it will be to get involved in the community! You can find Facebook groups and forums related to whatever kind of pins you are interested in trading!



This is the fun part! You need to buy some pins to make sure that you have trading materials. This is the time to make your pins, buy them from an approved seller, or get them custom made. It all depends on your niche and your goals! Buying pins in bulk, especially custom and unique pins, is a great way to ensure that you have enough ammo to get your trading collection going!



This can be the hardest part. However, with a little extra work, it can be very rewarding! Sometimes trading happens organically at locations like theme parks or event locations. If not, you can always look for your community online! The Internet has given us the distinct advantage of interacting with new people. You can join online groups and meet new people. You can plan meetups, attend events, or even trade-by-mail if you want!



Now that you have followed these steps, you’re ready to get trading! Make deals with people and add to your collection. Make sure to display your new found treasures and repeat this process! Enjoy your newfound hobby and keep on pin trading!

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