Hard vs. Soft Enamel Pins: What's The Difference

Hard vs. Soft Enamel Pins: What's The Difference

Brooches are back bigger than ever! Okay, sure, they never really left; however, they are making a strong comeback in the form of pins. Lapel pins are more than an...

Brooches are back bigger than ever! Okay, sure, they never really left; however, they are making a strong comeback in the form of pins. Lapel pins are more than an accessory; they are a unique way to showcase your style and personality. They can even be a useful marketing tool, as well. 

There are two types of basic lapel pins, hard and soft enamel pins. The most significant difference between the two is that hard enamel pins are polished flat. Soft enamel, however, is shiny and recessed. This means that the details that can be expressed on each type is much different. There are a number of options and choices when selecting the enamel you'd like to use. 

First, let's look at soft enamel pins. The image design for soft enamel pins is die struck into the metal. The colored enamel is then added to the recessed areas. The recesses prevent the colors from mixing, and each is applied separately. 

Once the enamel is added, the pin is put to cure, setting the enamel. The pins are not polished, adding even more texture to the design. A protective coating can be applied, while an epoxy resin coating will make it smooth. 

Now let's examine hard enamel, or Cloisonné, pins. The process of making hard enamel pins is much different from soft enamel designs. Hard enamel pins use a glass-like enamel material, curing at a higher temperature as well. The pin is then polished flat, eliminating the ridges. 

Once the colors are applied, the pin is electroplated and then polished again. This makes for a complete and smooth surface. However, polishing can make some of the lines slightly thicker. The process of creating hard enamel pins is considered more traditional. 

Pins are a perfect way to show off what you love. Wear it on your lapel, cover your backpack, add a few to your jacket, get creative! Pins also show other purposes too, and people notice! 

That is why pins are perfect for supporting a cause, promoting a sense of community, or even bringing awareness to your brand. You can even use pins to recognize all sorts of accomplishments. 

Now that you have learned all about the differences in hard vs. soft enamel pins let us help you create the perfect pin. Our experienced artist at the LapelPinSuperstore will help you determine which style is best for your specific needs. 

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