Everything You Need To Know About Lapel Pins

Everything You Need To Know About Lapel Pins

We all know that lapel pins make great accessories for any wardrobe. They are meant to be worn on the lapel of jackets, though lapel pins have evolved quite a...

We all know that lapel pins make great accessories for any wardrobe. They are meant to be worn on the lapel of jackets, though lapel pins have evolved quite a bit through the years. They can be used for decorative purposes and can even indicate one's affiliation with a club, organization, or cause. Lapel pins make the perfect accessory by offering a refined, elegant, and classic look. They have been a popular accessory for decades, and they will not be going out of style anytime soon. 

Lapel pins are timeless and can add nicely to your style for any occasion. There are many different reasons in which lapel pins are worn. From formal events or business purposes, and even everyday wear, there is a lot to think about in terms of when and how to wear a pin. 

While there are several different ways to wear a lapel pin, there are also several different lapel pin types. Butterfly clutches are small and secure, boasting two clutch backs that can be secured or released. The boutonniere is a formal version of the lapel pin. Boutonnieres have a classic and elegant look, becoming the standard for weddings, proms, homecomings and more. The stickpin is also a classic version of the lapel pin. They are secure and easy to use, attaching by sticking the thin needle in your clothing and securing it into the hole on the other side. Finally, there are also magnetic clasp lapel pins that use two magnet disks to keep the pin secure. 

These days pins can be seen on everything from baseball caps to backpacks, which has led to quite a resurgence in popularity. They are easy to make, rather inexpensive and very versatile. There are also a few rules to follow when wearing a lapel pin. 

First things first, wear your lapel pin on your jacket's left lapel. The United States flag code states that any U.S. flag pins should go on the left lapel. The pin should always represent something important to you. 

Next, don't underdress with an informal pin on formal garments. Lapel pins can be likened to ties. If you are going to a classy event, wear a clean, classy pin. Avoid humorous lapel pins for these formal events. If you are going to a networking event, use your lapel pin as a tool. 

Whatever you do, keep things simple. Avoid lapel pins that are too busy and hard to read. Lapel pins can be a great conversation starter and a clean, easy to understand pin is sure to get more attention than its counterpart. 

Next, do not wear more than one lapel pin. No matter how much you have accomplished, wearing more than one pin waters down the pin's effect and draws away from its function. A lapel pin should highlight one specific affiliation while adding to your style. 

Finally, have a story for your lapel pin. When someone asks you about your pin, have a short story about where the pin came from, its meaning, and its purpose. Lapel pins can be about your business, your passions, your family, or your story. Wear it with pride! 

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