Custom Pins for Your Patreon

Sarah Olson - Apr 22, 2021
Custom Pins for Your Patreon

Whether you’re an artist, podcaster, Youtuber, or any other type of creator on the internet, you know that the best way to get your followers to engage regularly with your content while also generating sales is through a Patreon. Patreon allows creators to charge for exclusive access to content, and the best way to encourage your followers to join your Patreon is to also offer other incentives, such as exclusive merch. This is why custom pins from Lapel Pin Superstore are the perfect item to generate memberships and sales through your Patreon!

Custom pins are a hot item right now. Not only are they fashionable, pins are also inexpensive and collectible! Your Patreon members will love accessorizing with their custom pins by mixing and matching them on jackets, bags, and lanyards! Some pin connoisseurs even display their pin collection on a framed cork board in their home or office. There are dozens of ways to show off your own custom pin collection!

When it comes to designing custom lapel pins for your Patreon, there are many things to consider. First, you obviously need a design. You can design pins with catch phrases, elements of your regular content, and characters. Artists with Patreons can even bring their artwork to life directly with custom pins! Our experienced team of graphic artists will be glad to work with you to create the perfect pin design for your needs. You’ll get a free proof of your design, and we never charge for revisions.

After you’ve got a design, you’ll need to decide which type of pin will suit your needs. For high detail designs with fine features, check out our photo etched pins (pictured). These lightweight pins engrave the design directly into the metal surface, without the ridges and valleys of die-struck designs. Cloisonné lapel pins are the highest quality pins we offer. The cloisonné process ensures these beautiful pins feature a stunning finish very close to that of fine jewelry. Add bright colors and glitter for an even more eye-catching design. For a more economical option, soft enamel lapel pins offer a look very similar to fine quality cloisonné pins, but at a lower price.

Once you have your pins fully designed and ready to go, you need to decide how your Patreon members can get their hands on them! There are a few ways you can do this. Many creators have tiered Patreons which offer different access for different membership levels. Offering an additional exclusive pin for each tier will encourage members to move up. Some creators even offer a monthly pin club! This offering can be separate from your regular Patreon memberships, and it will encourage your followers to maintain their memberships all year round so that they can receive a brand new, custom designed pin every month!

Get a free quote today and find out how to boost your Patreon with custom pins from Lapel Pin Superstore!