Custom Lapel Pins For Police and Law Enforcement

Jesse Daugherty - Feb 3, 2021
Custom Lapel Pins For Police and Law Enforcement

Are you looking for a unique way to recognize and honor police officers? Consider custom pins to pay tribute to the dedication and bravery of officers. Let’s tale a look at a few custom pin ideas for law enforcement officers as a way to celebrate and acknowledge their risking their lives to keep the rest of us safe.

Officers are public servants responsible for keeping the peace. Active duty pins are a great way to quickly identify officers for the general public and colleagues as well. Every police officer on active duty should wear a pin that features an emblem for easy identification. The pins can be plated in gold, which adds a nice look and preserves them through tough working conditions. These pins are typically simple and straightforward, offering a unique way to stand out and be identified.

You also can create custom pins for officers who are retiring from the force. A custom retirement pin is an excellent way to show appreciation for their service and acknowledge their accomplishments. 

Retirement and years of service pins are just two examples of how you can honor law enforcement personnel. Create a custom pin that pays homage to these officers with special dates, emblems, and text.

In recent years, blue ribbon pins have become quite popular. Blue ribbon pins tell the story of commitment and unquestioned courage. You can present blue ribbon pins at special events and ceremonies. Pay special attention to the details and create something memorable that the recipients can cherish for years to come.

Custom pins are an excellent way to give back to volunteers too. The citizens who give their time to help the department deserve recognition too. Creating a custom pin showcases their value and celebrates their accomplishments. 

Don't forget about others in the department, such as the highly trained K-9 Unit dogs. Police dogs assist officers in multiple ways, and they deserve recognition as well. Present K-9 Police dog pins to the dogs’ handlers as a way to acknowledge the bravery and courage of the canine heroes as well.

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