Custom Lapel Pins For Artists

Jesse Daugherty - Mar 3, 2021
Custom Lapel Pins For Artists

Custom lapel pins are great for so many reasons. They are versatile, cost-effective, and eye-catching. These three aspects alone make lapel pins ideal for marketing, branding, promotion, and more. Companies, businesses, brands, even bands, artists, and other entities are always looking for innovative new ways to get their name in front of new clients and customers. Lapel pins are an excellent way to do so, especially for artists. Artists are creative in what they do, and that creativity translates perfectly into lapel pins. At the, nearly any art may become a lapel pin! 

The best thing about custom lapel pins is that you control the creative process. Any art can transform nearly anything into a pin, so get creative. Pins are produced in any shape and with an array of colors, which is an art in itself. For painters, sculptors, or even musicians and bands, pins offer a way to showcase their talent in a unique form. Artists and sculptors can have their artwork turned into a small lapel pin for fans, supporters, and clients. Band logos make distinct pin designs, too, and offer an outstanding addition to any merchandise collection.  

Speaking of merchandise, as with any art, a good merchandise collection is a must-have. From t-shirts and keychains to hats, pens, and yes, pins, merchandise goes a long way at events. No matter if you are a band with an eCommerce website or an artist who travels to events and galleries, pins are an easy and inexpensive addition. Lapel pins assist in fundraising and building brand awareness. They are ideal for special giveaways or when made in exclusive editions. Creating limited-edition pins is an attractive way to keep people looking at your work, also making your followers feel like a part of something special. 

Pins make excellent collectibles too. As we mentioned above, limited-edition and exclusive anything will keep people’s attention. These custom pins might also be used as handouts at events or given away on social media. A well-designed pin will become a cherished keepsake for your biggest followers, who will then tell others! Custom lapel pins are a way to bring your biggest fans and supporters closer while raising awareness of your work in the process. 

At, we know lapel pins. With over fifteen years of experience, we have produced custom pins of all types. We know what works, and we know we can create a beautiful lapel pin for you. No matter if you are an artist looking for a unique way to attract extra attention or if you’re a musician who wants to expand their merchandise selection. Custom lapel pins are what we specialize in. Our incredible team of graphic designers and artists will work with you to design the perfect pin for you! Get a free quote or email us! Let’s work together and create something unique and memorable!