Creating New Traditions with Little League Trading Pins

Sarah Olson - Apr 29, 2021
Creating New Traditions with Little League Trading Pins

Baseball is rich with history and tradition in the United States and around the world. Baseball memorabilia, such as trading cards and pennants, are some of the most highly collected sports memorabilia, and for many, it’s because of the nostalgia those items create. Just like the game of baseball itself, it’s not just about winning or losing, it’s also about making memories and connecting with others who share your passion. This is probably why pin trading has taken off exponentially in popularity for Little League participants since its introduction in the 1980s.

Pin trading has become a beloved activity at Little League baseball games and tournaments. Traditionally, every player on a team brings a pin that represents their team, town, or state with the intention of trading it with a player on another team. This off field activity creates a sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie among young competitors, which is likely why it attracts older collectors as well who want to come participate, mingle, and see old friends. It isn’t just about collecting pins, it’s about making memories!

Young players and older collectors alike will bring their pin collection, often kept carefully in a binder, to these pin trading events. Every trading pin is uniquely designed and custom made for each team. Pins can feature players, positions, baseball gear, mascots, landmarks, and significant elements of local culture, such as food. Pins often come in unique shapes as well - no two in a collection are alike! This is why the design process of trading pins is so important.

At, we understand why pin trading is such a beloved part of baseball, and we take pride in helping design the best quality and most unique pins for Little League trading. When the trading starts, you want your Little League team’s pins to be the ones everyone else wants to trade for, and we have many customization options to hit a homerun with a unique and highly collectible trading pin!

First, you’ll need to decide what elements you want to include in your trading pin design. Mascots and local landmarks are always popular features on these pins. Remember, pins can be any shape that you want as well. Next, add unique design elements to make your pin stand out! Glitter enamel adds sparkle and impact to your pins at an economical price. Want more? Add blinking LEDs to really catch the eyes of traders. Or add spinners, sliders, danglers or bobble heads to add that extra bit of motion and fun.

We can help you create the perfect trading pins for your team! Fill out our no-obligation quote form, and we'll send you a free price quote and a digital art proof of your Little League trading pin design.