Create Custom Pins For The Team!

Jesse Daugherty - Nov 5, 2020
Create Custom Pins For The Team!

The tradition of sports and team pins dates back to the early modern Olympic Games. Athletes created their own pins to represent their nations during the games. Since then, team and sports pins have exploded in popularity and are popular around the globe.

The popularity of custom pins resulted in collecting and trading, which grew during the 1980s. Today, trading custom team pins is a regular occurrence among players, coaches, spectators and even officials. Fans are actively trading, collecting, and growing their collections along the way.

Little League® Baseball introduced its first official pin in 1983, and since then, custom pins have been seen across all facets of the sports world. Custom pins can be found for swimming, ice skating, football, hockey, dance, cheerleading and more. 

For team members, a custom pin is a symbol of belonging, a representation of their hard work and dedication to the team. Pins also serve as an inspiration to anyone wearing them, creating a sense of camaraderie for the team as a whole.

Custom pins extend far from the athletic fields, of course. Team pins can be created for any team, including academic teams, 4H, and more.

Many modern tournaments include pin trading ceremonies. This allows competitors and spectators to gather and trade pins. The popularity of trading team pins and sports pins continues to grow worldwide.

At the, our experienced team of graphic artists will help you create a pin design that looks great and reflects the spirit of your team. We can help you choose the right pin style, size and custom options.

Designing and ordering custom pins for your team has never been easier! If you are ready to get started? Just fill out our no-obligation free quote form, or email us with any questions. Let us show you how great your custom team pins can be!