All About Pin Trading

All About Pin Trading

Here at the LapelPinSuperstore, we know a thing or two about designing pins. However, did you know that trading pins are a popular pastime for many? As Summer starts, the...

Here at the LapelPinSuperstore, we know a thing or two about designing pins. However, did you know that trading pins are a popular pastime for many? As Summer starts, the requests for custom team trading pins start to arrive, and today we take a closer look at pin trading and the proper etiquette. 

First things first, let's look at the basics. There are a few things about trading pin etiquette that you should know. If you have a favorite pin that you are not interested in trading, keep it attached on your lanyard backward. 

This serves as a universal sign that a specific pin is not up for trade. Also, if your pin is part of a matching pair, try not to break the set apart. Either trade for both pins in the set or let them be. Generally speaking, trades will be one pin for one pin, so if you are hoping to trade for a pair of pins that go together, you’ll most likely have to offer at least two pins. 

It's also important to consider how to trade pins of equal value. Strike up a conversation with potential traders and ask them about their coins. See what they believe makes a design coveted, and this will help you figure out which of your pins will catch their eye. 

Trades usually happen between pins of similar size and with similar options. Trading pins with players from other teams and spectators is a fun experience. It enables fans to share stories and meet new people. Respect others and their boundaries. This means you shouldn't get handsy with other people's pins, be considerate, and ask permission first. 

For anyone new to the world of custom trading pins, don't worry! The tradition has gained in popularity over the years, allowing players to meet new people and share their own stories. 

A few more things to keep in mind while trading custom pins is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Ask pin traders what they like best in any design, and be mindful of other pin collectors’ and traders’ point of view. 

If you are looking for the perfect trading pin, the LapelPinSuperstore can help you create an exceptional design. Our experienced graphic artists will work with you every step of the way to create something eye-catching and impressive. 

For more information, get a free quote or email us with any questions you have. Let us show you how easy designing and ordering custom trading pins can be! 

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