A Look Into Collecting Baseball Pins

Jesse Daugherty - Feb 8, 2021
A Look Into Collecting Baseball Pins

Collecting custom lapel pins is a popular pastime, especially baseball pins.. Pin trading is quite popular in youth league baseball. The Little League® World Series is full of folks trading thousands of pins each year. 

Baseball pins are everywhere, but how do you get started? Are you supporting your team, or is your collection about the love of collecting? Maybe you want to seek out rare items, or just unique pins for your team. 

Collectors will buy or trade pins based on the design. Generally speaking, the more color and more intricate designs the pins have, the faster they will trade. Limited-edition designs, bold colors, and eye-catching visuals help too. There are also vintage pins that are valuable due to their age. These are always a popular option.

Many collectors look for custom pins with value. There are several great resources online to help you find out a pin's value. Doing a little research about what type of pins you are looking for will help when amassing your collection. 

When looking for unique pins, pay a visit to trade shows and conventions. Here you will find fellow pin enthusiasts, collectors, dealers, and specialists. Appraisers and pin dealers are on hand to share their expertise, assisting collectors when gauging their pin's worth. These conventions are perfect for the serious collector, bringing everyone, including beginners and experts, together. Here you will gain valuable insight that will help grow your collection and lead you to find rare pins. 

Youth league baseball games themselves are the classic place to pick up great pins. It’s an outstanding way to get limited-edition designs, and an excellent opportunity  to meet other collectors. It’s an ideal way to learn more about baseball pins and trade pins with fellow enthusiasts. 

Collectors also trade pins on internet forums and auctions. You can find websites dedicated to connecting collectors with pins. Social media is also a great place to buy, sell, and trade pins for your collection. No matter if you are a local baseball supporter or just a fan of collectibles, anyone can start a pin collection!