A Look Back At The History of Lapel Pins

Jesse Daugherty - Nov 16, 2020
A Look Back At The History of Lapel Pins

Lapel pins come in an array of shapes and sizes, and are more than just stylish accessories. While they are still a fun way to elevate your look, modern lapel pins are used for everything from employee and customer reward programs to marketing campaigns for social causes.

Lapel pins have a long and interesting history that dates back hundreds of years. The original lapel pins were made using a metalworking technique called cloisonné. The enamel technique was developed around the Byzantine Empire and later popularized in China. Over the years, the technique has been refined, and it has been used to create other decorative items including hairpins, home goods, jewelry, and even art.

While lapel pins have changed over the years, they are still used as a way to show affiliation to a group or organization. In the 16th century, Italian men adorned the brim of their hats with a brooch called an enseigne. This style of pin often represented a successful religious pilgrimage. The enseigne would also include a charm for protection after visiting a particular shrine. 

Pins and brooches can show affiliation or rank within a specific group, as seen on military uniforms and others.

Modern lapel pins make a statement or serve as a way to promote your business, brand or cause. More than just taking your look up a notch, custom lapel pins can be used to raise brand awareness or as marketing tools for an upcoming campaign. They are also great for showing affiliation to a particular group or standing up for a special cause. 

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