A Look At The Meaning Of Military Lapel Pins

Jesse Daugherty - Jun 29, 2020
A Look At The Meaning Of Military Lapel Pins

When we think of lapel pins, we think clean, sharp designs that accent your style or promote a message. Military lapel pins are a tradition in each branch of the United States Military. We've seen hundreds of different types of pins created for military uses, from rank pins to ceremonial pins. Today we learn more about military lapel pins and their place in history. 

The most well-known kind of pins are ones depicting branches of the United States Armed Forces. This tradition dates back to the Civil War. Soldiers were required to wear lapel pins showcasing their unit number. With the vast number of soldiers, it was the only way units could identify soldiers. Over time the tradition evolved to emphasize loyalty and allegiance to a certain unit or branch. 

These days, not only veterans wear lapel pins. Their family members also don them to show support for their loved ones' service. Military pins can be seen on hats as well. These pins are made to honor men and women under special circumstances. Some examples include the missing in action (MIA) pins given to the family members of lost soldiers and Operation Enduring Freedom pins. These commonly come as medal hat pins, created to remember significant events or achievements. 

Some military pins are strictly ceremonial. These types of military pins are given out for promotions and for moving up in rank. Ceremonial military pins are generally given at a pinning ceremony in which family members are invited to attend. These ceremonies are an important way to recognize military men and women across all branches. These ceremonial pins can even be given out at special pinning ceremonies for veterans in your community. 

For anyone simply looking to show appreciation to our armed services, patriotic pins are always a great option. An American flag design, an eagle, or even just fireworks fit many celebrations. They also aim to emphasize the same message. Military lapel pins are an important part of military history and hold a special place in every soldier's heart. You can also create custom lapel pins to celebrate the soldier in your life. 

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