A Closer Look Into US Military Pins

Jesse Daugherty - Feb 5, 2021
A Closer Look Into US Military Pins

Lapel pins have special meaning in the U.S. military. From traditional American flag pins to pins that signify rank, they are a distinctive way to represent U.S. troops, 

Military pins are an expression of patriotism, commitment, and loyalty. These pins are found on the uniforms of soldiers and officers. They are also used to celebrate patriotic holidays. 

U.S. military pins can be worn on caps, ties, collars, and lapels. The U.S. Flag Code declares that military personnel, police officers, and firefighters may wear lapel pins as part of their official uniform. Flag pins are to be worn on the uniform's left lapel, and in the military, when wearing a flag lapel pin, you must also follow dress standards. 

Military pins have been a part of American history for a long time. They were first used in the 1860s during the Civil War. Officers wore a lapel pin to represent a rank or unit. Soldiers were asked to wear a brass pin with their unit number, which allowed everyone to distinguish between different units. The pins also helped build loyalty and camaraderie among the members. 

The lapel pin protocols changed by World War I. Leaders could award lapel pins to individuals for commendable service on the battlefield. Every pin has its own distinct story. 

In modern times, military lapel pins represent honor, loyalty, and patriotism. Vintage military lapel pins have become collector’s items. They can be found in many places online as well as military history stores and museums.

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