5 Functional Ways To Use Custom Lapel Pins

5 Functional Ways To Use Custom Lapel Pins

Most of us are familiar with lapel pins from seeing them on suits and jackets. Politicians, business people, and many others can be seen wearing custom pins. They are also...

Most of us are familiar with lapel pins from seeing them on suits and jackets. Politicians, business people, and many others can be seen wearing custom pins. They are also showing up on hats, bags, and other apparel.

Custom lapel pins have exploded in popularity in recent years as marketing tools, team building tokens, or simply as accessories to everyday style. Lapel pins are becoming popular gifts and promotional items as well. We've seen custom lapel pins for fraternities and sororities, trade associations, military units, educators and more. Below, you will find five of the most popular and innovative ways to use custom lapel pins. 

Charity Lapel Pins 

Are you trying to spread awareness for a particular cause or a charity? Custom lapel pins are a great option. Typically, charity and awareness lapel pins are an enamel pin that offers an elegant look that will be appreciated by donors and supporters. They can be customized to suit your needs.

Band, Music and Sports Lapel Pins 

Custom pins are a great way to showcase your team, band, or other group. Lapel pins offer a simple way to display your logo, and are also great for recognizing outstanding work or sportsmanship. For bands in particular, custom pins are a perfect item to give to loyal fans or to sell as merch. It’s both a dose of style for your fans, and a great way to promote your music. 

Military and Patriotic Lapel Pins

Military lapel pins are one of the most popular uses for lapel pins. Your squad will love being recognized for their efforts. Use custom pins to denote a job well done and create the perfect addition to a hat or uniform. Military lapel pins can be customized in several ways. Consider including your unit’s special insignia, names, dates, or meaningful symbols. All of these elements will come together to create something memorable that will be cherished for years to come! 

Lapel Pins For Style 

A custom lapel pin is an excellent option if you want to create something that showcases your style and personality. These types of pins are a terrific way to show what makes you unique, so get creative and show off your personality with your design!

Political Lapel Pins 

Lapel pins have been a popular part of political campaigns for decades. These pins are generally created to show support or opposition to an issue or candidate. They are a time-honored way to get your point across without saying a word. Custom lapel pins are available for every type of belief, fundraising event, and program.

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