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Glitter Trading Pins

Glitter Trading Pin
These add glitter enamel to the colors of your design. Glitter colors are very popular, and add great dimension and sparkle. Glitter is an inexpensive way to make an extremely sought after, highly visible and expensive-looking custom pin.


glitter trading pins


Order Soft Enamel Trading Pins
Soft Enamel makes the best pin for the dollar for several reasons. They are 1.2mm thick and struck like a coin, making them thick, heavy and are more valuable than the 0.8mm photo etched or printed styles.

Soft Enamel trades much better because of this. They are usually about the same price as the thinner, less popular photo etched or printed styles. It isn't worth trying to save a few pennies only to have pins your kids can't get anyone to trade them for!

Add Trading Power to your Trading Pins
You want to make sure that everyone at the tournament will want to trade for your trading pins. To do this you need a great design, which we will help you create, and some special options. You can add glitter colors, danglers, spinners, sliders, and even blinkers to increase their value to the players you will be trading with. We offer bobble head pins as well!

Order Trading Pin Collecting Bags
We now offer collecting bags. We have the finest quality bags in the industry, at the industry's lowest possible pricing. These high quality collecting bags are designed to last, using heavy duty construction techniques, while allowing storage for up to 500 trading pins. Protect and proudly display your valuable collection for years with one of our great looking collecting bags.

Bags are available in Black, Red, and Blue.

Option pricing is by size. This pricing includes Spinners, Danglers, Bobbles and Sliders. Blinkers and glitters are priced flat by how many of each option is on the pin.

Trading Pin Options Pricing
  100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000
0.75" $0.83 $0.76 $0.71 $0.66 $0.64 $0.60 $0.57 $0.56 $0.55
1" $0.85 $0.81 $0.80 $0.70 $0.66 $0.65 $0.61 $0.58 $0.56
1.25" $0.91 $0.87 $0.86 $0.75 $0.71 $0.70 $0.66 $0.62 $0.60
Additional Options
Additional Fee
Glitter Colors $0.20 per pin
Glow-in-the-dark Colors $0.12 per pin
Cut-outs $20.00 per cut out
added to total order
Simulated Gem Stone $0.20 each/per pin
Blinkers (available colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) 1 Blinker : $1.19 per pin
2 Blinkers : $1.59 per pin
Acrylic Presentation Boxes $0.40 each


Custom Pin Options...

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Pin Options

Metal plating color choices include...

  • High polished gold metal
  • High polished silver metal
  • Polished copper
  • Polished bronze
  • Black nickel
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