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Lapel Pin Options and Accessories


Blinker Pin Options
Blinker Lapel Pins have tiny L.E.D. lights that blink on and off. These blinking L.E.D. lights are powered by a small battery on the backside of the pin with an on and off switch for power preservation.


Bobble Head Pin Options
Bobble Head Pins are basically two parts of a pin design attached by a spring. Typically a body and head design, where the head would bobble back and forth on the spring. Bobble head lapel pins are eye catching and humorous.


Collector Pin Bags
We now offer pin collecting bags. We have the finest quality bags in the industry, at the industry's lowest possible pricing. These high quality collecting bags are designed to last, using heavy duty construction techniques, while allowing storage for up to 500 trading pins. Protect and proudly display your valuable collection for years with one of our great looking collecting bags. Bags are available in Black, Red, and Blue.


Dangler Pin Options
Dangler trading pins are another version of a two piece pin attached by a few small metal links. The main part of the trading pin is the focus of the design while the dangler would be a date, state outline or other image supporting the main design. A typical design would be a baseball field with crossed bats in the background and team name and mascot on top of the field. The dangler could be a glove with the year printed over it, suspended or hanging from the bottom of the pin.


Glitter Pin Options
Glitter can be used on lapel pins and trading pins to give the design that extra pop or wow factor. Glitter is a shiny sparkly substance that comes in a varieety of colors and while very eye catching, it is a quicker and less expensive alternative to the other moving pin options.


Slider Pin Options
Slider trading pins have a groove or track cut out from the main pin which allows for a second smaller pin design to slide back and forth along the groove. A typical baseball slider pin would have the baseball slide back and forth along the bat or baseline.


Spinner Pin Options
Spinner trading pins allow a secondary pin piece to rotate. Most common types of spinners are those pins that have a round ball or object in the overall pin design.


Trading Pin Options Pricing
  100 200 300 500 750 1000 2000 3000 5000
0.75" $0.83 $0.76 $0.71 $0.66 $0.64 $0.60 $0.57 $0.56 $0.55
1" $0.85 $0.81 $0.80 $0.70 $0.66 $0.65 $0.61 $0.58 $0.56
1.25" $0.91 $0.87 $0.86 $0.75 $0.71 $0.70 $0.66 $0.62 $0.60

Option pricing is by size. This pricing includes Spinners, Danglers, Bobbles and Sliders. Blinkers and glitters are priced flat by how many of each option is on the pin.

Additional Options
Additional Fee
Glitter Colors $0.20 per pin
Glow-in-the-dark Colors $0.12 per pin
Cut-outs $20.00 per cut out
added to total order
Simulated Gem Stone $0.20 each/per pin
Blinkers (available colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) 1 Blinker : $1.19 per pin
2 Blinkers : $1.59 per pin
Acrylic Presentation Boxes $0.35 each
Lapel Pin Attachment Options
  • Butterfly Clutch
  • Rubber Clutch
    Rubber Clutch
  • Magnetic Attachment
    Magnetic Attachment
    $0.40 pc.
  • Jewelery Clutch
    $0.15 pc.
  • Deluxe Locking Clutch
    Deluxe Locking
    $0.23 pc.
  • Safety Pin Attachment
    Safety Pin
    $0.10 pc.
  • Screw/Threaded Back
    Screw/Threaded Back
    $0.40 pc.
  • Key Chain Attachment
    Key Chain
    $0.30 pc.
  • Cuff Links
    Cuff Links
    $0.65 pc.
  • Tie Tac with Chain
    Tie Tac with Chain
    $0.30 pc.


Custom Pin Options...

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Pin Options

Metal plating color choices include...

  • High polished gold metal
  • High polished silver metal
  • Polished copper
  • Polished bronze
  • Black nickel
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